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May 30th, 2015 | Personal | Comments to this post

As the month of May comes to an end, a new chapter is just about to begin. Well, at least for me. After months of brainstorming ideas, redesigning lay-outs and re-editing photos, it is finally here! I am finally able to write and post my first blog entry. Welcome to Cece Angelin – my creative channel and personal blog.

It’s been a while since I wanted to venture into blogging. As you all know (well, the people who follow me on Instagram), I love posting my outfits online. I see it as a form of art, as a freedom of expression, which inspired me to push through with the blog. But with schoolwork and internships, there was never ample time to do it until recently – when I had to really sit myself down and discern about my plans and goals for the website.

Now, you are probably wondering how “Cece Angelin” came about. Who is she? Why on earth would Janice change her name to that? Well boys and girls, the answer is…. I just want to. I simply want to design a more daring and exciting new character that my readers can relate to. It is a name dear to my heart, a name I made for no apparent reason until now, a name I made myself, for myself. (Disclaimer: My second name is Angeline). It all started with a fun little experiment in college when I decided to change my name a couple of times. In a span of 4 years, I was Angie, Janice, Jenny, Janice again, and now Cece. So if you are reading this today and you happen to call me Cece, we are probably close. Haha!

On a more serious note, I just want to show a different side of me that I assume not all people know. Everyone has that side to them. It just so happens I decided to name mine.

One of my goals for the blog is to hopefully inspire people to embrace themselves and their quirky, dramatic tendencies. I know I have! And I’m really anxious to start this new chapter of my life. This has been a huge step for me, but I’m excited to share with you my journey from here onwards. On top of doing outfit posts, I will also be posting travel diaries when I do travel, my insights on the most random things and my personal inspirations that keep me going. I will do my best to make it as personal as I can. Other than that, enjoy the blog and the pictures!

Today I’m sharing with you the photos from my shoot with Nicky Aureo. We did a little photo shoot a few weeks back to welcome myself to the blogging world.



P.S. I love this dress so much! I am basically wearing my motto in life.

If you have any suggestions, let me know! I’d love to hear them. Thanks for dropping by.



Photos by: Nicky Aureo

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