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June 13th, 2015 | Personal | Comments to this post

Well, that was two weeks of silence. Hi guys! Welcome back! So I went to the Idina Menzel (only my favorite Broadway singer, besides Lea Salonga of course) concert last week and I had what they call a post-concert depression- a feeling like your life is finally fulfilled after seeing your favorite artist perform only to get depressed because you know you won’t be seeing them in a long time. I’m sure you guys experience this too, which is probably the reason why I haven’t posted since I have been spending my time stalking her, watching her performances and interviews. Haha! Major geek moment right there. So after a long hiatus, I wanted to share with you our short trip to the Pinto Art Museum.

One thing you should know about me – I love art. I always have, and a few weeks ago, my friends and I had the privilege to witness and experience the beauty of art in an exquisite art gallery in Antipolo- the Pinto Art Museum. The museum had an all-white ambience with quirky art pieces hanging on walls, with hidden doorways on every corner leading to multiple amazing segments. The three musketeers were Instagram-ready.


Wow, that’s a beautiful painting. Snap! That statue looks so dramatic. Snap! Oh, grass. Snap!



And this went on for about 2 hours.

No wonder this gallery is so popular. Everywhere you turn is picture perfect. It was too photogenic, too picturesque. My friends actually had a hard time with me (as do all my friends for that matter) because I wanted a shot on every possible angle.


Diorella take a picture of me, quick. Snap!


Samantha do I look good on this wall? Of course I do. Snap!

Photos do not even do justice to how absolutely stunning the place is.

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Oh, and I was also wearing an all-white ensemble, which perfectly matched with the museum to my amusement.

And so, after a long afternoon of countless snapshots, dramatic poses, and hilarious Snapchat videos, it was all over in a flash (Ha! Get it?). We left the gallery with smiling faces, beautiful pictures, and dead gadgets. Nonetheless, it was a special day we will always remember and cherish. I seriously encourage you guys to visit.



Photos by: Diorella Chua & Samantha Montecillo

Outfit: Sleeveless (Zara), Shorts (Zara), Bag (Mango), Sneakers (K-Swiss)

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