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July 8th, 2015 | Style | Comments to this post

Hi guys! Welcome to the Style page of my blog.

Whenever I have the time to do so, I like browsing thru different websites like Tumblr and Pinterest – whether it is checking the different outfits celebrities are wearing or just wanting to know what style is trending today. I enjoy doing so because they somehow squeeze the creative juices in me – fashion-wise. So I am creating this page to share with you some of my personal style inspiration, favorite outfits and red carpet looks, and other fashion etceteras.

I would describe my style as more edgy-bohemian. I am hopping into the ripped jeans-cropped top-oversized jacket-strapped heels- wagon recently. But I love changing my style. I think it is fun and witty to switch your look once in a while and experiment with different quirky pieces from time to time. So there would be days when I’d go for an edgy ensemble (which is my usual) or a classic piece, a grungy look or a casual suit.

I get a lot of my inspiration online – from celebrities, bloggers and even random people. And so I am sharing with you today some of my favorite fashion icons, who I believe have influenced my personal style.

Vanessa Hudgens – I love Vanessa’s style! She can carry herself in any outfit be it bohemian or chic or edgy.  If you are a close friend, you would know V is my main bae.  I just love everything about her. 


Kate Hudson – Kate can wear anything! She can be in sweat pants and still look great. Her style is very bohemian-chic, which I really like.  She is usually one of my red carpet favorites. And her street style is flawless!

kate1 kate2 kate3 kate4

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – Nobody can beat the Olsen twins.  They are THE ultimate style icons! They are the only ones bold enough to try new trends and take risks in fashion. Whether it is from the airport, or to a red carpet event or even just a stroll in the city, they are always dressed on point.

mk2 mk3olsenmk6mk4

Nicole Richie – Nicole, no doubt, is one of my favorite icons – chic, sassy and daring.  I love how she changes her hair color from time to time – from blue to purple to pink and still rock it.  And her sense of style is impeccable.

nic1 nic2 nic3 nic4

Hope you enjoyed this little segment. Tune in for weekly updates on other fashion favorites. Many more to come!



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