Cece Goes Boho
August 18th, 2015 | Outfit | Comments to this post

Hi guys! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while – been preoccupied with other matters the past few weeks, hence, the long hiatus. Again.

Now that school has ended, I decided to take this free time to relax and reassess my life. What do you do everyday? Some friends would ask me. Well, there are days when I would choose to bum around and stay at home, maybe order pizza and watch a good movie here and there. Other days, I would drive around the city, sometimes without a destination in mind with show tunes blasting loudly in the car. I would usually end up in different coffee shops, bookstores, and restaurants around the city – sometimes to think, sometimes to read a book, sometimes to just wander… Literally. There are days when you just want to pause and devote a little time for yourself to do the little things. And I enjoy every bit of it.

And of course, I try to squeeze in my blog shoots in between those days. Now that the sun is back to its usual glory, it’s bye-bye rain couture and hello summer wear. The past few days have been so humid, I could barely stay at home for a good number of hours. So I got into this bohemian style romper in one of my short morning strolls (of course, with the usual cup of coffee in my hand). It’s got a little indie vibe going on, very light and I love it! I usually opt for a more casual, laid-back look whenever I’m out. So… Ta-da!!!

P.S. I feel like coffee shops are earning way too much money off of me.

Cece-2.1Cece-9.1Cece-12Cece-14Cece-17.1Cece-19 2Cece-25 2Cece-32.1Cece-27.1Cece-29Cece-33.1Cece-28.1

Have a great week ahead!



Photos by: Nicky Aureo


Forever 21 Romper |  ALDO Mandals | Oleg Cassini Purse | Police Eyewear



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