Cece Takes Boracay
April 24th, 2016 | Personal, Travels | Comments to this post

Pause.  Deep breath.  Here I was taking my usual coffee break from work, heavily breathing in the fresh humid air outside, while staring at the long stretch of cars along the highway as bystanders go in and out of the mall.  Summer’s finally here, and I could feel the scorching heat pricking through my skin.

Is it me, or is summer getting hotter and hotter over the years?  It’s been so hot and humid I could barely keep everything together.  What I badly needed was a vacation.  No, what I badly needed was the beach.


Ola Boracay! I was so glad to halt and hit pause from everything that’s been going on and just simply enjoy the tropical beach.  For at least three days!!!  Indeed, Boracay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and I can’t believe I’ve never stepped foot on this place till this recent trip!





Fine sand. Clear waters. Beaming sun. And a cocktail.  Just what I needed for my 3-day hiatus.



My friend, Precious and I were such beach bums – classic titas who did not even bother to participate in any water sport activity.  Instead, our daily cycle included eating, drinking, swimming, sun bathing, more drinking, and sleeping, – and we did not regret it at all.  I mean, what a time to be alive!




Within this short span of days, I had ample time to reflect on my life – where I am at the moment, where I am heading to.  And to this day, the answer is a still whopping, I don’t know.  And that’s okay.

And not to be melodramatic (not that I’m not), but you know what I realized in the short amount of time I was out?


Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.  

Cliché verse – I know, but you gotta admit it’s true!

Life is too short to worry about stupid petty things and to spend it on negative energy.  Life is too short to not do the things you love doing and miss out on greater things still left undiscovered.  Life is too short to be wasted – so take time to pursue the things that truly make you happy.



So the next time you feel carried away with life and its demands, pause for a while. Look around you and find time to explore and unearth the fascinating world out there.  Life is too short to work too hard and to be too serious.  Learn to slow down, stop and smell the roses.

Make the rest of your life, the best times of your life.

Trust me, you’re gonna need it.



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