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October 29th, 2016 | Travels | Comments to this post

Non-Halloween post coming thru!!!

Hey guys. FINALLY sharing photos from our Singapore trip last June. It was actually my first time visiting the country-city, and I can tell you, it was a fabulous place for a vacation. Before planning the whole trip together, my family and I were exploring options on where to go – given the time frame of 4 days. We decided on Singapore, since it was not too far and most of us have never set foot in the country.

My dad refused to go because he couldn’t tolerate the hot weather. And let me tell you, had I known it was THAT humid, there could have been a 50/50 chance of me not going as well. But there was no backing out at this point. We were all excited, set and ready to go.

There were a few places on my bucket list, the usual spots – Universal Studios, Haji Lane, and Orchard Road. Given that we were staying for just a few days, we kept the itinerary short and sweet. 

We reached the city around mid-afternoon, got settled in, and for the rest of the day, took our time to walk around Orchard Road. Orchard Road is basically every shopper’s paradise. It is loads and loads of fashion and lifestyle choices – a whole street entirely dedicated to shopping. It’s crazy!!! I didn’t take a lot of photos from our first day, because (1) It wasn’t even 6 o’clock and it was already dark outside and (2) we were sweating like pigs!!! My dad wasn’t kidding. It is too hot AND humid in here.

But I still look great

Day 2 was all about exploring the city – so that’s Haji Lane and Chinatown on the list. My family and I first went the short route to Haji Lane. It was mesmerizing. Haji Lane had a very distinct and flavourful appeal to it, which makes it one of the must-visit places in the city.




As soon as I stepped foot in the alley, it brought me back to a different time and place – with its peculiar indie vibe and quaint little stores all around. Not to mention, the cafes nearby were great!





And the last day calls for some boisterous fun! Who could forget to drop by Universal Studios whilst in Singapore? Definitely not us! Especially that our hotel is footsteps away from the park!





I have always loved going to amusement parks – definitely not the bravest to go on rides, but I love being one with the kids. The thrill is never gone!


I rode the Battlestar Galactica by the way, JUST TO LET YOU KNOW….. No big deal

And just when the day couldn’t get any better, I bumped into one of my best friends in the park, ON THE SAME DAY! That was simply the icing on the cake!


This is Nneka touring me around


Singapore, you were great. Except for the zits that came popping out after the trip.

Disclaimer: If you have sensitive skin like I do, you might wanna rethink about going here. Unless you packed enough sunblock and moisturizer. That was the moral lesson of the story, at least for me.

Regardless, I am still very grateful to have come and spend this short trip with the family.  Definitely a beautiful memory to look back on someday.




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