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Janice Tiu is Cece Angelin.

CECE ANGELIN is a personal blog created by Janice that chronicles her fashion craze, inspirations, creative insights and discoveries.  A graduate student from De La Salle University, she now ventures to engage her more creative side thru this channel.

Peek thru the world of Cece Angelin. A fashion enthusiast, a wanderlust, an avid coffee drinker, an aspiring thespian, a frustrated writer, a lover of all things musical and comedy, and a food junkie always, Cece believes everything works better with a dash of humor, a sprinkle of confidence and an evolving fashion style.

Embark on this journey as she unravels a different side of her persona – dauntless yet subtle, adventurous yet classy, eccentric yet captivating.

You’ll never know what life’s gonna throw at you so might as well dress the part.